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Cycle North Carolina/Day Three

Clemmons to Burlington
Tuesday October 3, 2006, 69 miles (111 km) - Total so far: 199 miles (320 km)

Today was the day of the great rest stops. The town Of Thomasville provided us with the most gracious welcome that I've ever had. The mayor greeted us all as we got off our bikes and shook our hands. A grandmother dressed in purple hugged us, volunteers gave us massages, and we were served delicious hot soup by the Community Kitchen to ward off the cool temperatures.

Nimble Nate's mom and dad met us at the third rest stop. His folks' home is in this area and his third grade teaching assistant was among the volunteers. I met up with my friends, the Duke Gang, at the fourth stop. They are all R.N.s who work together at Duke; Charles, Amy, Heather,and John. John's eleven year old son, Jonas, was also riding. We rode together to the final rest stop at Homeland Creamery and sampled some tasty free ice cream.

Camp that night was at Lake MacKintosh in Burlington. Again the facility itself was nice, but there was a big faux pas with the arrangement of the shower trucks. There was no city water to hook to, the connections to the pumper truck were different sizes, blah, blah, blah. In other words, forget it. So, jump in the lake, right? Wrong, the park allowed no swimming! I took a sink bath in one of the bathrooms on the grounds. Stuff happens, learn to expect the unexpected, etc.

Nimble Nate's folks showed up at camp as we were waiting for the shower trucks, and we went to town with them. We ended up at Sal's Italian restaurant and I had an angel hair pasta and shrimp dinner which was scrumptious. The building itself was actually being re-roofed at the time and dinner was accompanied by pounding and hammering. When I returned to camp, I sat on the grass by the lakeside and listened to good local bluegrass music. It was another perfect evening on CNC.........
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