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Cycle North Carolina 2007

Odds and Ends

-This was my third C.N.C. and probably the easiest one. The route was pretty gentle, the weather was good, and the daily mileage was relatively short.

-We had a new CNC staff this year. They seemed to do a good job.

-I heard of a few wrecks; I didn't see any and wasn't involved in any.

-Around 1,000 people participated in various aspects of the ride. A six year old boy rode a tag-a-long behind his dad, pedalling all the way, and we had at least one rider who 83 years old. A blind woman rode as stoker on a tandem.

-I had a few people tell me that they had read my journal. Nimble Nate was recognized from last year's journal, as well. Someone actually accosted him for a statement that I quoted him on, comparing our country to 1930's Nazi Germany. Ha! He said,"You need to be careful about what you write about me!" I said, "Wait 'til you find out what you said this year!"

-I camped at E.I. on Saturday night and took the bus back to Banner Elk on Sunday. When we got back to Beech Mountain, where we had parked for the week, there were a couple of cars with windows busted out, which had been broken into. I think that CNC should attempt to provide SAFE parking for the week! I felt bad for the people who came back to discover their vehicles abused that way.

-I want to say thanks to Nimble Nate, Dennis and Kristin, David Tilley, Knut and Bjorn, Charles and the Duke gang, and everybody else who made this ride so enjoyable

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