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To anyone who's up for it

Asheville's 5th Annual World Naked Bike Ride is happening on June 14th 2008, as an experience of fundamental freedom, the fun of cycling, and to draw attention to skyrocketing price of oil and our need to find alternative fuels and ways of living.

Clothing is optional - get fully naked or just ride topless. Toplessness is legal in the city of Asheville for men and women, although people ride fully nude every year and so far there have been no arrests. Join the fun! It'll be an experience to remember forever. Do something crazy before you kick it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Meet at 1 PM, French Broad Food Co-op, Biltmore Ave, leave promptly at 2pm



Organizing: (organizing meetings also taking place Monday, June 2, 7 PM and Monday June 9, 7 PM at Malaprop's)

Global site:
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People don't ride fully nude every year. That's why there's been no arrests to date.
To clarify: Asheville city law requires that genitalia and your bumhole be covered. Beyond that, it's legal. The one I observed/rode fully clothed in (nudity's not my thing, personally) was police-escorted, in a good way.
I think things have changed since 2005. Many people who rode in the 2007 ride went fully nude, and there are pics out there to attest to that. Certainly it's against the law. Nearly everywhere in the world where it happens there's some kind of law against it, but that's part of the fun. I think that on the whole the police realize that arresting naked bike riders in a global event called the "World Naked Bike Ride" would be too easy, pretty pointless, and probably look like a waste of Asheville's tax money that wouldn't be keeping the streets any safer but would be screwing up its atmosphere.
They did in '07? Awesome! I had to miss that one. I might be there for this year's, depending on scheduling. I won't be going nude, though: topless, pants-less, no. It would be a sobering message to display my scarred-up arse. :)
Way to re-state what aggressiveunit already said, that it's okay for chicks to go topless and: "... although people ride fully nude every year and so far there have been no arrests."

If you and the people around you rode fully-clothed, that's not really a naked bike ride is it? That's just... people riding bikes. What was even the point? Besides which, you're wrong. Have you even bothered to look and see all the pictures of the *gasp* fully nude people?
I was the only one who rode fully clothed that year, and I was the impromptu photographer for same ride. That year, no one rode fully nude. The police made it abundantly clear in person that wouldn't happen. That was half the reason for my post: be prepared to wear at least a thong or something, just in case the police DO take interest.

Not trying to be a party pooper, just don't want to see fellow cyclists hassled is all.