troutonabike (etroutski) wrote in ncbikes,

Cycle North Carolina/Day Two

Wilkesboro to Clemmons
Monday October 2, 2006, 61 miles (98 km) - Total so far: 130 miles (209 km)

Cycle North Carolina got off to a foggy and cool start this morning, but it did turn into a beautiful day to ride. Me and about nine hundred and fifty other nuts and misfits cruised through the rolling countryside, leaving Wilkesboro behind in our wake. Our first rest stop of the morning was at the Raffaldini winery, where you could purchase wine by the bottle at 9:00 in the morning! We did get our obligatory PB&J sandwiches at the second rest stop, though.

I rode with several different people during the ride through the back roads, passing fields of tobacco and soybeans. I always enjoy the social aspect of the tour, meeting new people from various places and seeing old friends from earlier rides. Cyclists are indeed nuts and misfits, dreamers and philosophers. Who else in this day and age would think that it's fun to ride bicycles cross-country, sleep in tents at night, and use port-a-johns for calls of nature? I must say that I'm proud to be a member of this sub-species!

Rolling into Clemmons we did encounter some hostile and aggressive traffic. I guess that I'm spoiled living in Franklin where people are more apt to wave at you as they pass than to try to crowd you off the road. We did experience one psycho woman who travelled down several miles of road, holding down her horn button and yelling at us to get off the road. As she slowed beside me, to give me her opinion of bicycles as unacceptable modes of transportation, I noticed that she not only had a cigarette in one hand, but what looked like a mixed drink in the other. After ten minutes or so, I heard the horn coming again. She actually made another pass at us--this time with her bird finger in full flight! I laughed so hard at her that I almost fell off my bike.

We somehow made it to Tanglewood Park (just barely) without being maimed or killed by the hostile Clemmons drivers. The park was nice, a great setting for camp. It seemed to be a country club type of place, and I don't think they knew what they were getting into by allowing a bohemian crowd of cyclists to invade. Between the tents, laundry hanging in the bushes and trees, and bicycles scattered everywhere, the golfers must have been horrified. Poor things!

Nimble Nate was excited to take us to one of his favorite BBQ restaurants. So we jumped on the shuttle with Knut, Bjorn, Dennis, and Kristen, for a trip to Little Richard's. The great tasting Lexington-style BBQ was an excellent way to end the day!
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