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Cycle North Carolina/Day Six

Smithfield to Kinston

Friday October 6, 2006, 70 miles (113 km) - Total so far: 390 miles (628 km)

I left camp with Dennis and Kristin; we rode in to town and ate breakfast at a diner. The forecast called for rain, and it looked like it could break loose at any time. We cruised along on flat roads, mired in the odiferous aromas of the numerous hog and turkey farms which we passed. The fact that we were averaging 17.5 mph didn't seem to alleviate the smell. Outside of Kinston, a pick-up ran a stop sign and almost hit Dennis. We yelled, he stopped in the middle of the road, and Dennis had to swerve off to the right to avoid the collision. The driver just wasn't paying attention; we were the only thing on the road, and he didn't see us?

We arrived in Kinston and found camp at the Neuseway Nature Park. As the name suggests, it is on the Neuse River,which figures prominently in the geography of the eastern part of North Carolina. I was able to get my tent up before the rain hit. When it did come, it rained hard. I went to the shower truck and received an ice cold reception! I later found out that the other trucks had hot water, I was just lucky (stupid) enough to use the cold one! I was so cold at this point,(it was still raining) that I went back to my tent and wrapped up in my sleeping bag.

We caught a shuttle into town and ate Chinese food at the House of Wang. Janis from Wisconsin joined us for dinner. Janis told us that she is attempting to do rides in all fifty states, she has sixteen under her belt at this point. We asked her about various rides and she told us about seeing Robin Williams on RAGBRAI, one year.

As we were eating, Dennis said that he thought that he saw Nimble Nate ride by. I put a call through to him and left a message. Later he called and told us that he was the official last rider into camp! This is what happened:

Nimble Nate stayed with his buddy the previous night after attending
the NC State vs. Florida State game. NC State won in overtime, so it was
the wee hours of the morning before NN got to sleep. NN arrived back
to camp around 8:30 the next morning. As he drove up to camp, he saw
the luggage trucks heading down the road. NN chased the truck down and
got them to stop so he could throw his luggage on the truck.
Unfortunately, his helmet must have been on the truck, so he didn't
have it to put on his head. He rode without it. At some point,
officials from CNC noticed that he was riding without a helmet, and
said, "No helmet,no longer on this ride." NN was able to borrow a helmet
from somebody, maybe a SAG wagon driver, so he was allowed back in the
ride. Being in the back of the pack, NN got to meet all the 'back of the
pack' riders. They laughed, they joked, they partied, and they had a big
time. Nimble Nate arrived in camp around 5:30.

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