troutonabike (etroutski) wrote in ncbikes,

Cycle North Carolina/Day 7

Kinston to Emerald Isle

Saturday October 7, 2006, 58 miles (93 km) - Total so far: 448 miles (721 km)

Despite the fact that it rained all night, it had stopped by six, when I crawled out of the tent for coffee. Again, the forecast called for rain, so we left early (around 7:00) to try to beat the rain. Dennis and Kristin had the train chuggin' hard, around 18 mph, despite the rough sections of cracked roads. Dennis was giving me pointers, along the way, on riding on flats in a paceline. We picked up Russ, from Asheville. The rest stops came and went. Before we knew it, we crossed the big bridge over the Intracosatal Waterway and were in Emerald Isle.

It was an anti-climatic finish at the Holiday Trav-L-Park. No cheering crowds, no kisses from pretty girls in yellow dresses. As a matter of fact, we were so early, that I had to help unload the trucks--what a bummer!

As always, we were treated to an end of ride party with chicken, fried fish, and draft beer. I spent the afternoon socializing, saying good-bye to friends, and making plans for future rides.

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