Inside-Out House (cheshire_house) wrote in ncbikes,
Inside-Out House

recovery update

I'm getting discharged from the hospital tomorrow morning! (tuesday)

I'm still a bit of a wreck, but I'm getting out of here and on to private life/recovery.
I have a foot-long incision down my spine that has to have dressing changes and at some point the staples and sutures removed. My right leg doesn't function normally due to extensive nerve damage, and there are still numb spots in that foot. I, to put this, have to retrain my bodily functions to work properly (muscle control).
At least a trainer using a comfort-style bike gets to be part of my physical therapy. :D

I'm going to have some wicked scars, though. I think this will satisfy my tattoo cravings for a while. The deeper road rash scars spider out from the spine incision, and I've got the trademark heart surgery chest scar now. If anyone in western NC sees a car cut off a biker and the biker lifts his shirt while chewing out the driver...that might be me. :lol: It'll be a while, but this ain't keeping me off a bike.

Horrid to some, hilarious to others: my walker now (on one arm...not done yet.) sports dreamcicle orange Salsa bar tape on the grips.

Be safe out there, ya'll. Let's keep as many of us on the streets as possible.
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