AggressiveUnit (aggressiveunit) wrote in ncbikes,

To anyone who's up for it

Asheville's 5th Annual World Naked Bike Ride is happening on June 14th 2008, as an experience of fundamental freedom, the fun of cycling, and to draw attention to skyrocketing price of oil and our need to find alternative fuels and ways of living.

Clothing is optional - get fully naked or just ride topless. Toplessness is legal in the city of Asheville for men and women, although people ride fully nude every year and so far there have been no arrests. Join the fun! It'll be an experience to remember forever. Do something crazy before you kick it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Meet at 1 PM, French Broad Food Co-op, Biltmore Ave, leave promptly at 2pm



Organizing: (organizing meetings also taking place Monday, June 2, 7 PM and Monday June 9, 7 PM at Malaprop's)

Global site:
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